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More Than A Pet Store...

At Nature Pride, we strive to bring you the very best of nature every single day! Whether searching for pet-care essentials, wish to design a beautiful aquarium that breaths fresh life to your home, or want to embellish a space with spellbinding plants, flowers and home accessories… we have it all!

So sit back with a steaming mug of freshly brewed tea and explore our vast selection of items.

Our Story

Nature Pride is a family-run retail outlet, located at the heart of Malta. Founded by Mr. Jesmond Mallia and Mrs. Jacqueline Mallia, these dedicated duo hold over thirty-five years of experience in this field and have built a thriving business that is loved by all locals. The pet shop, owned by K9 Enterprises Limited, was set up in 2002 and through the years, it has continued to expand to meet its clients’ demands.

Acknowledging today’s fast-paced world, Nature Pride has turned its attention to providing its clients with more flexibility and convenience. To this end, our pet shop experience is now extending to a virtual platform. Without having to leave your doorstep, you may benefit from our vast choice of quality brands and shop from home! 

Our Values

We are your partners in nature! We take pride in providing the very best products to conserve nature, and simply stepping inside our store is guaranteed to make you feel at one with our world’s beautiful creations. 

Whether we’re catering for your furry friends, your home garden or your aquarium, we always strive to maintain a high-level of quality with our careful selection of brands. To this end, our founders’ years of experience have proved instrumental in various ways.

Their first-hand knowledge does not merely help our dedicated owners to identify the best brands for our customers’ needs, but allows them to pass on crucial knowledge to the rest of our team and even our loyal customers.

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Our Team

Nature Pride would be nothing without its devoted team. Our founders are assisted by a professional management team, composed of General Manager and Aquatics Specialist, Mr. Christian Mallia and General Administration Supervisor, Mrs. Donalise Mansueto,

This hard-working management team is supported by an external Marketing and Sales Manager, who also have their own dedicated team of Sales, Stores, Administrative and Financial staff, all of whom are instrumental to the success of the store.

Our Brands

We promise, our virtual platform stocks all of the in-store brands you’ve grown to love and depend on.

At Nature Pride, we pride ourselves on our choice of brands. Having done the research for you, we have taken great care to offer you only the best brands available on the market. 

Click the link below to view our full range of brands, available throughout our online store.

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