Our Mission

We live to see our community’s pets happy and healthy… dogs excitedly wagging their tails, cats purring lazily as they bask in the sun, birds contentedly chirping, fish exploring beautiful aquatic scenery and their human mummies and daddies proudly enjoying these heartwarming scenes.

This is our vision of a happy and healthy home and, in other words, OUR MISSION. Not only does Nature Pride provide you with the best quality brands – guaranteeing the health of your pets, home gardens, and aquariums – but we’ll equip you with the right knowledge and advice to guide you along the way. We are your partners in nature!

What We Offer

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Special Offer

Are you an aquarium hobbyist? Then you’ve just discovered your new favourite spot!

Browse our aquatics sections, brought along by Chris and his team at AQUARIUM SUPPLIES MALTA, featuring everything your aquarium could possibly need. Whether you have just embarked on this exciting journey or are already fully immersed (just like a pro!), we’ve got you covered.

What's on

We love seeing photos of your pets!! So go ahead and send us a pic of your furry friends for us to share with our Nature Pride community on Facebook!

Throughout the years, we’ve held an array of pet photo competitions. They’re always a blast for pet owners and their pets, and of course, we simply love joining in on all the hype!!!

If you wish to be part of the fun, simply like our Facebook page and we promise to keep you posted on our next event!


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