Amtra Curved Tweezers

SKU: A6017777

AMTRA STAINLESS STEEL TWEEZER SLIM CURVED 27cm – professional tweezers in stainless steel for the care of plants in the aquarium


  • Professional tweezers for the care of aquatic plants
  • Extremely thin tips to ensure absolute precision during pruning / maintenance operations
  • Surgical material – Stainless steel – Curved tins
  • Ideal quality for Aquascaping
  • Lenght 27 cm


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AMTRA STAINLESS STEEL TWEEZER SLIM CURVED 27cm – Surgical quality tools essential for proper maintenance of plants in the aquarium. Ideal for Aquascaping and for pruning / maintenance of aquatic plants. Stainless steel to prevent rust. However, if used in a marine aquarium, washing under tap water after use is recommended.



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