Amtra Modern Tank 50

SKU: A2001726
  • Extra-clear glass aquarium with FILPO CLICK filter 250 lt/h and FULL LED lighting
  • Built with transparent silicone / frames and glossy cover
  • For fresh water, Nano Reef, aquascaping or shrimp Tanks
  • Modern and refined design, professional lighting and filtration systems
    • 42.5×23.5×36.5 cm / glass thickness 5mm / 28 liters
    • 50.5×25.5×40 cm / glass thickness 5mm / 40 liters


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Complete aquarium made of 5mm EXTRA-WHITE glass including professional FULL LED lighting system (white + red + blue LEDs) and internal filter “AMTRA FILPO CLICK 250“. Ideal for setting up splendid “Aquascaping” style freshwater aquariums, nano reef with undemanding corals or biotopes for shrimps and “Caridine”.
Precise Built with transparent silicone finishes that guarantee a simple, clean and elegant design.
Frames and lids made of glossy plastic that give the aquarium a captivating and modern aesthetic.

AMTRA FILPO CLICK 250: Compact internal filter for aquariums, maximum flow rate 250 l/h adjustable. Intelligent system for replacing the prefilter: the front cartridge for mechanical filtration can be replaced in a single “CLICK”, without removing the filter from the aquarium. This allows to preserve the filtering bacterial flora present in the biological materials inside the filter.

FULL LED LIGHTING: high-performance LED glass tube included to ensure the correct growth of aquatic plants or less demanding soft corals that are well suited to predominantly white lighting.

AMTRA MODERN TANK AQUARIUM LINE – EXTRA-WHITE glass tanks for design lovers. Includes AMTRA FILPO CLICK filter and professional FULL LED lighting system (white + red + blue LEDs)





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