Amtra Osmosis 190

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AMTRA OSMOSIS SYSTEM 190 – Reverse Osmosis System for the production of osmotic water for the aquarium – 50 Gallon (190 liters) / day membrane


  • Reverse osmosis system for the production of osmotic water for the aquarium.
  • 3 stages: sediment prefilter, carbon prefilter and 50 GPD membrane (190 lt / day)
  • Equipped with backwash valve and flow reducer on waste water to optimize the yield of water produced against the waste water of the system
  • Pipes, quick connectors, home water supply adapter and instructions included
  • Practical and compact system for the domestic production of osmotic water


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AMTRA OSMOSIS SYSTEM 190 is a 3-stage reverse osmosis system that, starting from tap water, produces osmotic water, i.e. with very low content of dissolved salts (conductivity 10-40 μS). The same water (which has values ​​of KH and GH close to zero) can be used directly in the aquarium only to restore the correct level of evaporated water (evaporates only pure water, the salts remain dissolved in the aquarium going to increase the hardness of the water, for this reason it is necessary to restore the evaporated water with osmotic water, free of salts). Osmotic water, properly mixed with sea salt or specific salts for fresh water, can be used directly as water for the preparation of new aquariums and for the regular change of water in them.

The operation is very simple: the pressurized water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane whose pores are sufficiently fine to allow only the passage of the water molecules and not the dissolved solids.
No need for electrical connection!


AMTRA OSMOSIS SYSTEM 190 is equipped with a sediment pre-filter cartridge and an active carbon pre-filter cartridge, vessel and 50 GPD reverse osmosis membrane (90 liters / day), tap for backwashing, water flow reducer waste to increase internal operating pressure and therefore ratio between produced water and waste water, supports for wall installation, pipes and quick couplings for connection to the home plumbing system, specific key for tightening the vessel in which it is the reverse osmosis membrane is housed.


Technical data:
Osmotic water / waste water: AMTRA OSMOSIS SYSTEM 190 is set on the ideal ratio of 1 to 3-4
Maximum production: 190 l / day of osmotic water at a temperature of 25 ° C and a pressure of 4 bar
Working pressure: 3 – 8 bar
Operating temperature: 1 – 30 ° C
Membrane: new generation polyamide / polisulfon TFC. Extremely resistant to decomposition by bacteria
Percentage of substances withheld: 98 – 99%
Values ​​of the outlet water: 10 – 40 μS



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