Amtra Quick Test 6 in 1

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MULTICHECK 6 IN 1 – quick test for the main water values of freshwater aquariums – 50 tests


  • Water test to simultaneously measure the six most important values ​​in freshwater aquariums
  • It allows you to quickly and easily determine the quality of the freshwater aquarium water in just 60 seconds
  • For measuring pH, total and carbonate hardness (GH and KH), nitrites (NO2), nitrates (NO3) and chlorine (Cl2)
  • Easy and immediate reading of the values ​​by comparison with the reference colorimetric scale
  • SIZE: Packaging with airtight aluminum cap “against humidity” containing 50 strips useful for carrying out 50 tests


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AMTRA MULTICHECK 6 IN 1 is a convenient and effective strip system for the rapid measurement of the basic chemical parameters of the freshwater aquarium.
With this rapid test it is possible in just 60 seconds to analyze the values of pH, carbonate hardness (KH) and total hardness (GH), Nitrites (NO2) and Nitrate (NO3) as well as chlorine present (Cl2).
Method of use: immerse the strip for 2/3 seconds and then extract it from the water, remove the excess water from the strip by shaking it a few times, immediately compare the Chlorine value with the reference scale, wait about 60 seconds and compare the other values ​​obtained with the respective reference scales.



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