Aquarium Explorer Lisbon 40 White With Filter

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Come discover our range of aquariums suitable for children or the beginners in this activity.


The EXPLORER range has been developed for different target audiences: It includes aquariums suitable for children, aquariums for beginners and aquariums for the most experienced. It is therefore divided into 8 different models with 5 fantastic colours. Its cover with more minimalist lines gives a trendy look to these models. Come and discover them!


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CLEANSYS Internal Filter

New generation of internal filters with great performance by working against the harmful components in the aquarium. Filter included with the models Paris and Amsterdam.

BIOBOX Internal Filter

Extremely efficient interior filter with EASYFLUX water pump and EASYBOX filter media that exerts an excellent biological, active and mechanical filtering action on the water, eliminating the polluting residues that accumulate in the water. Filter included with the model Amsterdam.





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