Baygon Mosquito Spray


Dual Active Formula with superior actives-Cypermethrin and Imiprothrin. Kills Cockroaches that may carry germs causing Cholera, Diarrhea and Typhoid. It keeps working for upto 4 weeks. Its has a new wand for Special control application that helps reach tough corners killing even hidden cockroaches.


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This is a ready to use insecticide to be used against cockroaches.
Where to Spray
Spray in cracks, crevices and corners like under the fridge, near the gas cylinder, in the sink, in the cabinets, near the dustbin etc.
How to Spray
Open the Baygon wand and position the wand to target places like corners, cracks and crevices where cockroaches tend to hide
Press the button of the aerosol can, keeping the nozzle away from you.
Spray directly from about 30 cm on the insects and their hiding places. If the spray is heavy, do not enter the room for 30 minutes.
When to Use
Use monthly as a part of cleaning regime. Use weekly in high infestation areas.


Impirothrin 0.07%, cypermethrin 0.2%, other ingredients 99.73%


Do not spray in room with an exposed flame and on red hot surface. Keep away from temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius and direct sunlight.
Do not use near people, animals, birds aquaria, plants and food products.
Prevent contact with food, water and utensils.
Do not throw into fire.
Remove or cover the exposed food before spraying. Remove birds, pets and cover the fish aquarium before spraying
Avoid excessive inhalation of spray.
If liquid comes in contact with skin, wash off with soap and water.
The container is pressurized. Do not puncture even when empty.


Do not reuse or refill the container. If empty, place in trash or recycle if available.




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