Bioloark Plant Bottle 4.6l – 9.4l

Experience the enchanting warmth of Bioloark’s Bio Bottle LED ZD, where integrated LED lights provide a cozy and inviting illumination for your terrarium. With a color temperature of 6,500 K, the lighting mimics natural daylight, fostering not only optimal plant growth but also transforming your living or working space with a pleasant and warm glow. Say goodbye to dreariness and welcome vitality into your environment.

The versatile cover of the Bio Bottle LED ZD features adjustable air slits, ensuring easy ventilation within the terrarium or enabling the creation of a closed humid biotope. To enhance longevity, additional fans cool the powerful LEDs, extending their lifespan to an impressive 30,000 hours.

Unleash your gardening creativity on a nano scale with the Bio Bottle LED ZD. Whether you’re cultivating epiphytic orchids, curating a mossarium for bryophytes, or designing a wabi kusa with emersed growth habit plants, the possibilities are limitless.




4.6L, 9.4L


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