Bird Harness

High quallity hand made product made in Europe!

Sizes from XS up to XXL


Discover the perfect bird harness for your feathered friend at our online store. Our adjustable bird harness is designed with comfort and safety in mind, making it an ideal choice for parrots, macaws, and other medium to large birds. Our bird harnesses are escape-proof and durable, giving you peace of mind during outdoor adventures with your avian companion. Made from high-quality materials, our bird harnesses ensure a secure fit without restricting your bird’s natural movements. Whether you’re looking for a bird flight harness or a bird walking harness, our selection offers versatility and reliability. Explore our range of sizes, including small bird harnesses for your petite companions. With our bird harnesses, you can enjoy stress-free bonding experiences with your feathered friend while providing them with the freedom to explore their surroundings. Browse our collection today and embark on exciting outdoor adventures with your beloved bird!

XS:      75-110 gr.  Cockatiels

S:       110-190 gr.   Ringnecked Parakeet,  Senegal parrot, Eastern rosella, Blue-crowded parakeet, Crimson-fronted Parakeet, Rainbow lorikeet, Princess Parrot, Black-hooded Parakeet, Brown-headed Parrot, Black-headed Parrot

M:        190-450 gr. Blue-fronted Amazon, African Greyparrot, Galah Cockatoo, Bare-eyed Cockatoo, Alexandrine Parakeet, Blue-headed Parrot, Orange-winged, Derbyan Parakeet, Patagonian Conure

L:         450-600 gr. Eclectus Parrot, Umbrella Cockatoo, Chestnut Fronted Macaw, Red-fronted macaw

XL:      600-1000 gr. Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, Military Macaw

XXL:   1000-1600 gr. Hyacinth macaw, Green-winged Macaw, Blue-and-yellow Macaw




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