Cat Scraper London

SKU: C6020918

The London scratching post is a blue sisal and plush scratching post that allows your cat to give free rein to its desire to sharpen its claws, climb and play on a real gym. Particularly suitable for people that have many cats or that want to offer their cat numerous opportunities for blow off steam.


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This scratching post is fixed to the ceiling. The top can be adjusted to any type of height. The numerous shelves satisfy the cat’s desire to climb and jump; the posts offer it the opportunity to scratch, climb and stretch. The cylindrical part comes with shelves and holes inside to offer the cat a secluded place to rest on but also to play by moving from one shelf to another. The slide covered with scratchable sisal is designed to make the cat stretch while scratching and act as a slope to access the upper shelves.

With the London scratching post, entertainment is ensured in a restricted space!



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