Cat Toy Frolicat Dart Laser

SKU: C6066427

The FroliCat Multi-Laser cat toy is an interactive toy that will awaken your cat’s hunting instincts! It emits two red laser beams which are projected onto the floor and can rotate 360 degrees making a motion of your choice. In no time at all, your furry friend will be ready to ambush the fun little red light.

This sleek, modern design toy encourages your cat to play and romp around, providing it with entertainment and a chance to move, and you with lots of fun while you watch the little hunter at work. With its wide base, FroliCat Multi-Laser is extremely stable and can withstand the most violent attacks without slipping easily. The toy runs on three AA batteries and the laser turns off automatically after 15 minutes so it doesn’t stay on for too long and waste energy.


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