Dog cooling mat – Fresh Antimosquitos Grass

Dog cooling mat – Fresh Antimosquitos Grass

Fresh Antimosquitos Grass dog cooling mat is the perfect product during the summer season to refresh your four-legged friend.

Externally it is made of polyester and pvc: materials that make it waterproof and more resistant to scratches and wear.

The product is made with a lawn-like pattern, to which essential oils of citronella can be added for an anti-parasitic effect or eucalyptus to obtain a relaxing effect on the puppy.

Cooling dog mat ideal for the summer!

Inside there is a non-toxic gel , which is activated with your puppy’s body weight, generating a constant and homogeneous sensation of freshness over the entire surface.

The mat is made secure by double sealing the edges to prevent gel leakage.

The dog cooling mat is easy to clean and store .
In order to use it, electricity, water or a freezer are not required and it can also be used by people on the hottest days.


The most effective and safest solution for your puppy’s well-being in the summer!

The Fresh Antimosquitos Grass dog cooling mat by Croci is a very useful self-refreshing grass-effect mat.

With the addition of citronella and eucalyptus essential oils, it has an anti-insect and anti-mosquito action, as well as stimulating a relaxing effect.

It is made externally in a mix of polyester and PVC, inside there is a completely non-toxic water-based gel.

Ideal for keeping your dog cool during the summer.

How does the dog cooling mat work?

Thanks to the pressure generated by the animal’s body and the gel inside, the dog cooling mat refreshes and regulates the animal’s body temperature in a constant and continuous way.

This technology manages to keep your favorite puppy 7-9 degrees below room temperature.

A dog cooling mat is safe and durable

The self-cooling dog mat is secured by double edge sealing to prevent gel leakage.

Thanks to the seams on the inside, the cooling gel is optimally distributed for a homogeneous cooling effect over the entire surface.

This method makes the mat waterproof , scratch resistant , wear resistant and more durable !

Easy to clean and space saving

This dog cooling mat is designed to be easy to use. The materials with which it is made do not retain impurities and make the mat extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth.

This material allows the dog cooling mat to be closed on itself easily and to be stored quickly anywhere.

Can be used at home and away from home as a shock absorbing support

The dog cooler mat can be used at home inside kennels as a cool cushioning support.

Its flexibility also allows it to be placed on rounded surfaces such as armchairs, sofas, car seats.

This mat cools your pup and protects surfaces.

Reusable over time and autonomously rechargeable

Your pup’s body temperature will cause the Dog Cooling Mat to warm up. In this case it is sufficient to remove the animal from the mat to make it return to its full functions.

To speed up this process, you can place it in the freezer for a few minutes.

The dog cooling pad does not require the use of water or to be connected to electricity. You don’t need to put it in the freezer to use it.

The self-cooling dog mat isn’t just for dogs!

The cooling mat for dogs can also be used by owners to cool off on hot days.

It can also be used as a base on which to place the computer to help it cool down.

Characteristics of the dog cooling pad:

  • Cooling mat suitable for dogs and people
  • Made of PVC and polyester
  • Resistant and safe
  • Homogeneous non-toxic gel
  • Anti parasitic effect and relaxation with essential oils
  • Waterproof
  • Washable
  • No electricity/water
  • Dog cooler mat available in 3 sizes



S, M, L


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