Dog SwimSuit Sunrise 25 – 30 cm

An ideal dog bathing suit for trips to the beach with the whole family!



The Croci Summer Collection is made up of many captivating products designed to make the most of the summer period with your pet.

In this case, he thought of a wonderful swimsuit ideal for days on the beach, at the lake or on a boat.

Delicious and comfortable!

The dog swimsuit is made of a light blue and white stretch lycra fabric with pink marine details.

A hole has been created to allow the passage of the tail, which gives greater comfort to the animal wearing it.

To ensure ease of use, there is also a hole to easily attach the leash.

Don’t get the wrong size! Here’s how to choose the correct size

To choose the ideal size and not make a mistake when measuring your dog’s swimsuit, we recommend that you measure your pet’s back using a tape measure, following this simple step:

  • Measurement of the dog’s back : it is carried out by passing the tape measure from the end of the neck to the dog’s tail, taking as a reference the point located immediately behind the front legs

When measuring, remember to leave a 2-inch margin to ensure a better fit.

Once the measurement has been carried out, it is necessary to compare it with the measurements proposed in the models.



  • Swimsuit for dog
  • Soft and light Lycra fabric
  • Leash attachment hole
  • Perfect fit
  • Available in 4 sizes

25, 30




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