Filter Media Bag

SKU: A6017410
  • ACTION: mechanical prefiltration of the water through the rapid removal of dirt particles
  • BENEFITS: clean and crystal clear water thanks to the removal of the particles that create turbidity
  • Non-toxic and release-free. It can be easily cut to the desired size to be adapted to all types of internal, external or sump filters
  • Suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater aquariums


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AMTRA MASTER FILTER – synthetic white fiber ideal for mechanical pre-filtering in all types of internal, foreign or sump filters.
Thanks to the particular structure it is able to retain all the dirt particles, even the very small ones. By carefully rinsing it under tap water it can be cleaned and reused several times. In general, it is recommended to clean it once a week (or if necessary when it is clogged) and to replace it every 2 or 3 washes.
For both freshwater and seawater aquarium.



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