Fisherman’s Daughter Red Fish Rolls


Healthy, natural dental treats, Fishermans Daughter Fish Skins Redfish Rolls are crunchy treats for your canine friend made with 100% Redfish skins from fresh fish. They are round rolls of tightly packed redfish skin, baked to perfection. These fabulous tasty treats have an exfoliating effect on the teeth acting like a toothbrush and your dog will love them! Full of Omega 3 goodness, they are gentle on the teeth and digestion which makes them perfect for older dogs too!

Fishermans Daughter Fish Skins Redfish Rolls are a little bit like a sardine and contain no artificial additives or preservatives so you can be assured that you are giving your four-legged friend a healthy snack. Make sure you give one last thing at night so that no food is left in the gums overnight to cause tooth decay.


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Ingredients: 100% cod skins, Protein 87%, Ash 8%, Fat 2.6%, Fibre 2%





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