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Aquarists who keep discus fish and other large cichlids know the problem: Whitish, slimy fish waste, darkening and lesions in the head region, known as hole-in-the-head disease. The cause of these obvious symptoms: Flagellates from the genera Spironucleus and Hexamita that dwell in the intestines.


From now on, aquarists have a highly effective treatment against these dangerous pathogens at hand: sera med Professional Flagellol is very well tolerated and not only safely and reliably removes all parasites in the fish intestines, but also in their encapsulated stadiums (cysts).


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Background: A new combination of active agents makes use of a thiazole and menadione, known as vitamin K3. The scientists from Heinsberg/Germany found out that this combination guarantees considerably better results than the single agents – both agents work synergistically when combined. The flagellates are reliably killed after only about 24 hours. A patent is already applied for the new active agent combination.


sera med Professional Flagellol is a liquid and therefore very easy to use and to dose.




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