Gills Black Shampoo

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Gill’s Black Cloud Shampoo is a revitalising shampoo designed for dark-haired breeds. It spreads well all over the body forming a soft foam that leaves a delicate scent, allowing once dry, an excellent finish with scissors.


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Dogs and Black Hair

The Newfoundland is a breed of dog with black hair. Its very thick coat should be brushed carefully because it tends to collect dust and dirt; the Golden Setter, has a long, silky, slightly wavy coat, with a characteristic charcoal black colour with brownish red highlights. The Scottish Terrier’s thick and hard-wearing coat can be in the classic black or wheat or brindle and requires frequent and thorough brushing.

Cats and Black Fur

The Bombay is a black furred cat breed. Its main feature is the hair that is always a plain and uniform black, making it instantly recognisable; the Japanese Bobtail, so loved in Japan that it has become an integral part of local folklore. And finally, the Scottish Fold best known for its adorable folded forward ears, due to a mutation that affects their cartilage but can also boast a splendid black coat.




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