Hydor EkoMixo Feeder No Display

  • Automatic fish food feeder


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    • Automatic food feeder for aquariums
    • It can be positioned above the aquarium in correspondence with the distribution hole, possibly fixing it with the supplied velcro
    • Electronic control timer
    • Maximum ease of programming: up to 3 feedings a day
    • Rotating tank, ideal for flake or granule food. Do not use live or frozen foods.
    • A special internal system stops the air output automatically during the distribution phase, thus avoiding the risk of excessive feed leakage
    • Large capacity removable transparent container (about 90 ml)
    • 10 different dose settings
    • Vibration mixing system, avoids the formation of clumps
    • Special anti-humidity design, does not allow any condensation to come into contact with the feed during delivery
    • Possibility of connection to an aerator for ventilation of food
    • Battery operated (not included)
    • Make sure you use 2 1.5 Volt AA LR6 alkaline batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries.



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