Hydor Seltz 700 – 1200

Multi-purpose centrifugal pump for fresh and marine water aquariums

  • Available in different models:
  • 700 of 14 W, maximum pump flow rate 700 l/h, maximum head 135 cm
  • 1200 of 27 W, maximum pump flow rate 1200 l/h, maximum head 195 cm
  • 2800 of 55 W, maximum flow rate 2800 l/h, maximum head 230 cm


  • Universal multi-purpose centrifugal pump
  • Suitable for all types of fresh and marine water aquariums
  • Ideal for biological filters, aerobic systems and for water ciculation
  • Can be used as a submersible pump or in non-submerged use
  • High performance in total safety
  • Adjustable flow rate to adapt to the many different applications and uses
  • Monoblock impeller and filter cartridge
  • The included suction cups ensure perfect stability and totally silent operation
  • Supplied with tube connectors for applications involving non-submerged use

700l/h, 1200l/h, 2800l/h




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