Internal UV Filter

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Multi-purpose internal filter, with UV-C system, for aquariums up to 400 l

The IF 400 + UV internal filter is an innovative and highly flexible filter with surface and/or side entry aspirator for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It has an integrated, adjustable filter pump FP 750 and a UV-C unit, which ensures the reduction of germs, parasites and algae.

The 6 baskets in the filter allow the filter media to be placed easily and changed quickly and can be removed upwards by means of removable support plates. The water, which is biologically purified and at the same time subjected to UV-C radiation, returns to the aquarium via a flexible distributor. The flat nozzles for the water outlet ensure a better circulation in the aquarium.


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Depending on requirements, the IF 400 + UV can also be used with 4, 2 or even without baskets. In the latter case, the water flows through the entire side part into the filter and filter media, such as filter wool, can filter out fine particles through the enlarged inlet.

Thanks to the different adaptation possibilities, the IF 400 + UV is highly flexible and is also interesting for professional use in quarantine aquariums where, on the one hand, the filter media are changed frequently and, on the other hand, a reduction of germs and parasites cannot be dispensed with. The filter can be attached to the aquarium without requiring a lot of space and is easily accessible. Depending on the aquarium inhabitants and the equipment with filter media, the IF 400 + UV has capacities for aquariums up to 400 litres.


  • sera pump for filtering and circulation FP 750
  • sera UV-C system 5 W, including transformer and ballast
  • 6 filter media baskets for individual adaptation of the filter media
  • high-performance filter medium sera siporax mini Professional
  • flexible bracket for mounting in the aquarium
  • Optionally, water inlet from the side and from the surface
  • Y-distributor, adjustable

Dimensions (W x H x D)
(W x H x D) 22 x 30 x 11 cm




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