Leather Check Chain Choker

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Ancol leather check chain dog collar, also known as a half check is an obedience collar that is part leather or nylon with an adjustable chain, that gives owners control over their dog’s behaviour when they pull on the lead. Owners may lover their dogs, but they don’t usually want to be pulled down the street on the way to the park or because they see a neighbour’s dog or cat they want to chase!


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Leather Check Chain Dog Collar – Key Features & Benefits

– Easy to Fit
– Caring Way to Train
– Reduces Arm Strain
– Humane & Comfortable
– Width: 7/8 or 2.1cm approximately
– Collar Size: 17 – 24 inches or 45 – 60cm

The leather half check dog collar is very strong and made from premium bridle leather, with a heavy gauge buckle. The chain is chrome plated and strong, each link is welded, an essential feature of a high quality leather check chain collar, making these collars ideal for training large dogs to walk to heel or for obedience training. We also stock nylon half check collars suitable for most breeds, for instance small terriers to large dogs like labradors, boxers and retrievers.





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