Membrane for Amtra Osmosis 190

SKU: A2013406
  • Replacement reverse osmosis membrane for 50 GPD osmosis systems (such as AMTRA OSMOSIS SYSTEM 190)
  • In new generation polyamide / polisulfon TFC. Extremely resistant to decomposition by bacteria
  • Suitable for 50 GPD reverse osmosis systems
  • Maximum production: 190 l / day of osmotic water at a temperature of 25 ° C and a pressure of 4 bar
  • Values of the outlet water: 10 – 40 μS


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Replacement membrane for reverse osmosis system AMTRA OSMOSIS SYSTEM 190 or for similar systems with 50 GPD membrane (190 lt / day). Replacement is recommended when a conductivity value no longer suitable is started in the outlet water (check this value with AMTRA DIGITAL CONDUCTIVITY & TDS TESTER ATC )



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