Mutine Plus IC

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Complete moulting mixture

Complete feed for pigeons enriched with the specific Immunity Concept+ pellet. Plus I.C.+ Mutine is a highly varied and scientifically balanced moulting mixture that guarantees a perfect moult. The added extruded Plus I.C.+ pellets contain the ideal protein content and have an additional number of vitamins and amino acids, which are important during the moulting season. This is so much more than a conventional moulting mixture that only provides a solution to the pigeon’s protein requirement. It creates the difference between a pigeon and a top pigeon.

  • The extruded pellet makes for an ideal delivery of amino acids (proteins). These are the building blocks for making new plumage.
  • Strengthens resistance during moulting.
  • Easily digestible feed that guarantees a good and smooth moulting.


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red maize 8%, premium cribs maize 4%, small cribs maize 4%, toasted soya beans 6%, dun peas 8%, yellow peas 4%, large green peas 4%, small green peas 10%, mung beans 1%, white pigeon wheat 17%, white dari 5%, red dari 5%, safflower 3%, pigeon barley 4%, peeled barley 1%, small striped sunflower seeds 1%, brown linseed 2%, rapeseed 1.5%, black coleseed 1%, thistle seed 1%, wild seeds 1.5%, pellet I.C.⁺ 8%


crude protein 15.5%, crude fat 7%, crude fibre 5.5%, crude ash 3%, carbohydrates 57%, lysine 0.72%, methionine 0.33%, threonine 0.54%, tryptophan 0.16%, cystine 0.26%, calcium 0.21%, phosphorus 0.38%, sodium 0.04%



3a672a vitamin A 3600 IU, 3a671 vitamin D3 720 IU, 3a700 vitamin E 20 mg, vitamin C 4 mg, 3b103 ferrous sulphate, monohydrate 9 mg, 3b202 calcium iodate, anhydrous 0.6 mg, 3b405 cupric sulphate, pentahydrate 3 mg, 3b502 manganous oxide 22 mg, 3b603 zinc oxide 20 mg, 3b802 selenium (coated granulated sodium selenite) 0.09 mg, 3b815 selenium (L-selenomethionine) 0.20 mg, 3a910 L-carnitine 1.6 mg


E310 propyl gallate 1.6 mg, E321 butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) 3.9 mg, 1b320 butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) 0.7 mg, E562 sepiolite 40 mg


On average, 30 g of feed per day per pigeon. Always provide fresh drinking water.


During the moulting, the pigeons may be fed sufficiently, so they are able to change their entire plumage. Pay attention, though, that when the pigeons do not go outside, they do not get too fat.


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