Niki Natural Lamb 200g

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NIKI NATURAL  is a line of  complete foods  rich in fresh meat.

They ensure a BALANCED and optimal diet for the dog, even those suffering from  FOOD INTOLERANCES OR ALLERGIES.

Niki Natural Turkey  is a wet dog food  free of gluten, artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives.


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Niki Natural  a line designed to allow our four-legged friends to revert to being…. dogs of course!

Niki Natural Turkey  is available in the following size: 400g

Instructions for use: serve at room temperature. Monitor your dog while it eats; your dog should always have fresh drinking water.

Weight/daily dosage
5kg – 10kg – >100g – 200g
10kg – 15kg – >200g – 400g
15kg -20kg – >400g – 600g
20kg – 25kg – >600g –  800g




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