Niki Neem Oil Dog Spot On fo Cats

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For animals, Neem oil is an effective aid to prevent dogs and cats from coming into contact with unwanted and dangerous guests, especially fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Neem oil is a natural help against flea infestations because they are able to counter not only the adult stage but also the eggs and larvae.


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If rubbed on the hair of cats and dogs, it creates a protective effect on the hair of the animal and at the same time soothes, flames and purifies the skin irritated by bites or insect bites.

Their use releases a pleasant fragrance on the coat of the animal. They offer natural protection and without contraindications, are very practical, fast and effective, particularly suitable for puppies, elderly animals, convalescing, pregnant and lactating animals and animals in contact with children. They contain pure Neem oil.

INDICATIONS OF USE: apply on the dog’s neck 1 ampoule every 2 days for shock treatment and 1 ampoule every 3/4 weeks for preventive treatment. Constant and regular use increases the effectiveness.., of older animals, convalescing, pregnant and lactating and animals in contact with children.




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