Sera Pond Filter Bio-Active 12,000

SKU: S8131

The mechanically and biologically active sera pond fil bioactive pressure filter is suitable for all ponds up to 12,000 liters and can also be integrated into waterfall systems.


  • Unobtrusive (can be dug into the ground)
  • Backwashing for easy intermediate cleaning
  • Automatic pollution display for backwashing or cleaning
  • Tightly closing due to locking ring between cover and canister
  • Filter chamber with 4 sponges in a line for step-by-step filtration
  • For clear, biologically clean pond water in constant quality


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Kit includes:

  • sera pond fil bioactive pressure filter
  • sera siporax pond, 6 liters
  • sera pond filter biostart, 250 ml
  • Comes without UV


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