Sanal Dog Chicken Sushi


Thinking of teaching your dog a new trick? Or just want to spoil your dog with a treat? Success will be assured with this delicious Sanal Chicken Filet Sushi dog snack! Your dog will wagging its tail and ask for more. And for variety there are more flavors are available: Chicken Filet, Combo Chicken & Rice, Calcium Chicken Bones, Duck Filet, Chicken & Fish strips, Chicken Wrap, Chicken Bones.

Feeding Instructions: 1 piece for a small dog, 1-2 pieces for a medium dog and 2-3 pieces for a large dog daily as a reward.

– Delicious chicken and fish snack
– 100% natural
– Grain free
– Low fat
– Supplementary food for adult dogs
– 80 grams
– In handy resealable packaging.


Availability: 121 in stock

Analytical constituents:
– 30% crude protein
– 4.6% crude fat
– 4% crude ash
– 0.2% crude fibers
– 23% moisture





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