Stayell Door Flap Cat Magnetic 932

SKU: C6066369

The Staywell cat flap with magnetic operation requires no batteries your cat simply wears a collar key which is then used to open the locking mechanism of the cat door. although not 100% secure (no door is) this does help to keep out unwanted strays and other small animals.

Now you can give your cat indoor or outdoor freedom with added protective features including a 4-way security lock and a weather-resistant magnetic flap. With magnetic key entry.

This energy-efficient cat flap is easy to install with its universal fitting for walls and doors.

This door can be fitted into wood UPVC panels and glass with a maximum thickness of 50mm.


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  • White magnetically Operated cat Flap (The old code for this cat flap is Staywell 32)
  • Magnetic collar key
  • Cat-friendly transparent flap
  • Cat Safe Action
  • White
  • Wipe down easy clean (No Solvents)
  • Cat control – 4-way security – In Only, Out Only, Open or Locked
  • Gives your cat the key to the door.
  • With a silent latching system. Once installed there are no running costs. White finish with a 60mm tunnel (this tunnel cannot be cut as it contains a delicate mechanism).


  • Overall size : 224mm x 224mm, (8 7/8″ x 8 /78″)
  • Cut out size wood : 169mm x 169mm, (6 5/8″ x 6 5/8″)
  • Cut out size glass: 210mm (8 1/4″) Diameter
  • Pet Max shoulder width : 162mm (6 3/8″)


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