SunSun HJ Series Fountain Pump

Model Power H.Max Output Cable Length Dimensions
HJ-743 8W 1.0M 600l/h 7M 98x66x38mm
HJ-943 16W 1.3M 800l/h 7M 108X73X390mm
HJ-1143 22W 1.6M 1000l/h 7M 123x82x400mm
HJ-1843 40W 2.5M 1800l/h 7M 155x106x470mm


SunSun HJ Aquarium Pump is a pump with a high efficiency – flowrate per Watt

If you compare the pumping capacity of this HJ-series with that of other pumps, you will discover that it is more energy-saving and cost-efficient. Aquarium pumps and mini-fountain pumps are non-stop runners. Therefore, each saved energy unit is extra more money in your wallet.

Telescopic riser and various fountain accessories are also attached to this delivery.


600l, 800l, 1000l, 1800l




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