Tortum 104x40x30 Black

SKU: TT08431
Tortum Water Bins

Especially suitable for turtles, the Tortum range combines four different models that include the elements needed to create a balanced habitat. All Tortum aquariums are made of glass and have a protective cover on top. In addition, they include a ramp so that turtles can take refuge and relax a bit.

Partial glass coverage

Turtle bin equipped with a small glass lid to avoid possible turtle escapes.

ABS ramp

For total comfort of your turtles, our turtle trays include one or more ramps with small grooves that facilitate access to the dry area.
Structure with gloss finish
Aquarium with plastic frame with glossy finish for a perfect visual.


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  • Dimensions:  104 x 40 x 30 cm
  • Volume:  125 L
  • Capacity: 43 L
  • Color:  Black




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