UVC Extreme External Filter 800

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Electronically controllable external filters for aquariums up to 1,200 liters.


The sera UVC-Xtreme, available in the performance levels 800 and 1200, are efficient and energy-saving external filters of the latest generation.

Due to the integrated UV-C lamp with amalgam, their lifetime is extended by up to 42 % and the performance by more than 52 % compared to standard UV-C. It removes up to 93% of germs and algae in the aquarium. The electronically dimmable power can be adjusted to the demand and is therefore particularly energy-saving; even 5 W results in a high pumping capacity.
Due to permanent venting and flow optimization, the external filter is particularly quiet. With only 24 volts DC power supply, it is also particularly safe.
The automatic priming pump vents the filter at the push of a button. Manual priming or hand pumping is no longer necessary.

Included free of charge: high-quality products from the sera Professional line:
The high performance filter media sera siporax and sera crystal clear for biological and mechanical filtration, respectively.

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